Find your next EV charging station with ChargeHub, the best EV charging station app

The ChargeHub app is designed to help all the electric car drivers in the United States and in Canada.

ChargeHub App Features

Find all the charging stations in North America

ChargeHub aggregates all the charging stations in North America in an easy to use interface. With its search feature and filter option, you can easily find the nearest public charging stations for your electric car.

Customizable profile

Create a profile that responds to your need; build your own bookmarks, save your filters and customize your notifications to know when there is a new public charging station in your area.

Most accurate and detailed information

ChargeHub displays daily updated details for all the charging stations available in North America. With the charging stations description you have all the necessary information to plan your charge:

  • Charging station level (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 (DC Fast Charger))
  • Charging station connector (CHAdeMO, J1772, Tesla, etc.)
  • Availability of the charging station

Easily plan your EV trip

Find all the charging stations along your route and get turn-by-turn directions to your next charging point. With the ChargeHub EV trip planner you can:

  • Quickly find your next charging point with the filter tool and search feature
  • Know the distance in km or miles to your next charging point
  • Get the directions using Google maps, Apple maps or Waze

Easily connect with other electric car drivers

Easily communicate with other users with the in app messaging system. Request to unplug a user’s electric car, coordinate your charging or ask for any other info you need to charge your EV.

Be a member of an active EV community

Join a vibrant community that is committed to helping anyone charge everywhere. Add a new public charging station when you see one. Check-in, leave comments, add photos and edit the station information while you are using it.

Thanks to all the features available on the ChargeHub app, it is the best EV charging station app to help all the electric car drivers in North America plan their EV trip.

The ChargeHub App is free and is available on iOS and Android

ChargeHub iOS Find all stations screenshot
ChargeHub Android Find all stations screenshot